Decentralized network powered by AI
to discover New Fashion Icons and Super Models

DIVO is launching DIVO Digital to replace old-fashioned scouting process for fashion-related talents

Scouting process is replaced with DIVO Face Recognition Technology which eliminates human intervention and automates search

DIVO Face Recognition is a chance for New Faces to participate in a digital casting, get new career opportunities and overcome long chain of middleman

DIVO Digital is a part of DIVO Platform that promotes safe integration of new faces and beginner models into the world of fashion.

DIVO supports the career development of promising fashion models and provides ample opportunities for promotion, advertising, collaboration with luxury brands, video and photo shootings, catwalks and etc.

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Fashion, media and entertainment requires New Faces

Catwalks, influencer marketing, advertorials and commercials include plenty of talents — models, designers, hair and makeup artists, photographers, etc. — we can estimate a market opportunity at  $50B

boom for digital

is skyrocketing


Fashion is a global business that takes a significant part in world’s economy. It is not only the models, designers, brands or media, but also a lifestyle for millions of followers.

#fashion and #beauty are among the most popular hashtags on Instagram

Collaboration with models, bloggers and influencers allows DIVO to unlock huge opportunities to engage a multi-million audience.

$ 35 billion

model industry

$ 500 billion


$ 2,2 billion

influencer marketing

$ 470 billion

e-commerce in fashion

$ 3,1 billion

fashion tech investments





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According to McKinley the State of Fashion 2019 Report, the industry executives identified technology-related issues as top consumer shifts.

DIVO uses state-of-the -art technologies such as Big Data, machine learning, blockchain to build omnichannel communications, automate workflow, and bring business practice to international standards, to make interactions between all participants faster, safer and more cost effective.


mobile obsessed


platforms first


start-up thinking


getting personal


sustainability creditibility


predictably unpredictable


asian trailblazers


globalisation reboot


off-price deception


AI gets real


Millennials are the fashion consumers of tomorrow. They are tech-savvy, social media-influenced, and take a stance on transparency. By 2020 they will account more than half of the total shoppers with the most spending power of any generation. The purchasing power of Generation Y already exceeds $600 billion.

90 %

use technology based on artificial intelligence

84 %

take into account user-generated content when making decisions to shop

77 %

use loyalty programs

63 %

subscribe to brands in social networks

46 %

rely on social networking and marketing buzz when shopping online

35 %

use mobile payments or alternative payments

DIVO is a global platform and a social network for fashion industry professionals

Platform consists of:

DIVO Mob AppDIVO WEB AppDIVO Networkwww.divo.fashion

Basic Technology

The full set of DIVO services simplify communications, automate business, reduce costs and transfer cooperation into a reliable ecosystem based on blockchain technology



Blockchain is the best playground for building both trust and peer to peer collaboration for DIVO community. The ease of integration with distributed networks is provided through own cluster software DIVO AUSC, which fully unlock the potential of the service-oriented architecture of the DIVO Platform


DIVO leverages smart contracts to address real-world business challenges. By leveraging the fundamental properties of Ethereum blockchain DIVO gives each user an opportunity to build cooperation in reliable ecosystem based on smart contracts


Accumulating verified data of models, clients, contracts performed DIVO establishes a vault of professional reputation and becomes a secure gateway for millions of new faces to enter the industry


Face recognition technology is a key technology for registration and identity verification on DIVO Platform. The technology guarantees a unique match between the digital ID and the real user which will make each operation on DIVO Platform personalized

According to Baker&Tilly value report Face Recognition and automation by Smart Contracts are among the key drivers for the value growth of DIVO Platform.


DIVO Face Recognition has paved the way for artificial intelligence into the industry of fashion and satisfy key market needs:  

- automate scouting and casting
- create innovative professional elevator for millions of New Faces 

Implantation of disruptive technologies has completely turned the existing situation in the industry for both Brands and Models.

Brands and Agencies

DIVO Digital provides access to a database of blockchain verified fashion - related professionals and tools to explore New Faces among 4.2 billion Internet users with few clicks.

New faces and beginner models

DIVO Digital becomes an alternative way for New Faces and Talents to become famous by unlocking potential through DIVO Digital Casting and a network of DIVO partners.


Brands spend up to $ 12 billion on organizing advertising campaigns with fashion stars and influencers

A new generation of Supermodels come from Instagram and YouTube.

Models scouting is now available for non fashion community and independent scouts.

Find New Faces and recieve DIVO Tokens when similarity with Super Models is confirmed by DIVO Face Recognition


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Conveying the feeling of being connected to community of young, beautiful and talented people, DIVO Token is designed to integrate active users into business processes of DIVO Platform.

DIVO creates a series of innovative products for and around lifestyle of a multi-million community powered by DIVO Token.

DIVO Token gives access to «smart services» of DIVO Platform:

  • Automated Smart Contracts (DIVO - AUSC)
  • Face Recognition Search Engine
  • Access to Database of Verified Professionals
  • Crowdfunding and micro-lending


12 November 2019

DIVO Platform overview by CEO & Developer

10 November 2019

DIVO Token is listed on p2pb2b

DIVO is rapidly expanding its presence around the globe. Listing and circulation of DIVO Token on p2pb2b Exchange is a huge step towards the digital future for DIVO Platform.

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16 October 2019

DIVO Token is listed on Probit

DIVO is rapidly expanding its presence around the globe. Listing and circulation of DIVO Token on ProBit Crypto Assets Exchange is a huge step towards the digital future for DIVO Platform.

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23 September 2019

Milan Fashion Week Party
with Fashion TV

DIVO forms a strategic partnership with international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting television channel FashionTV. The partnership contributes to the growth of popularity and recognition of DIVO Platform within fashion community.

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15 July 2019

DIVO is launching DApp AUSC

DIVO has developed software that allows users tobuild secure cooperation on the Ethereum network and make transactions based onERC20 standard. With the help of DApp AUSC users can collaborate through smartcontracts without any need for technical knowledge.

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11 November 2018

DIVO Mobile App is launched

Mobile Appication is developed for fashion industry professionals and equips it with basic tools which empower p2p cooperation, reduce costs, accelerateinteractions, automate contract management and increase the level of securityand transparency.

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7 February 2018

DIVO Web App prototype is launched

DIVO developers finalized  concept and MVP of amultifunctional system interface on the “backend-as-service” principle, providing commissioners the infrastructure and communication tools for cooperation with the users of DIVO Platform.

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Problems with sexual harassment have existed in the fashion industry for a very long time, but only recently it became possible to talk about this issue which means it can be resolved.

This idea has inspired us to create the environment which will combine the best practices and technologies in the fight against inappropriate behavior, harassment and sexism.

DIVO establishes a new level of relationship between the industry participants, launching transparent blueprints for interaction, unites the supporters in fight against discrimination, creates a community that protects New Faces of the modeling industry from making mistakes that may damage their reputation.

Today the fight against any presence of discrimination is an ever-present responsibility of every business.

"For years, other models and I have spoken out about systemic sexual harassment and abuse on the job – and yet, powerful individuals have tried to silence us and tacitly given approval that this behavior is okay. Sexual harassment is not okay and should not be tolerated by models, nor should it be tolerated by our industry".
Sara Ziff, Model Alliance founder
"I don’t know anyone, man or woman, in our industry who hasn’t experienced sexual harassment at some point in their career. We might work as independent contractors, but we still need legal protections. This is a tipping point in our society across so many industries, and it is time to truly address the elephant in the room".
Kenza Fourati, top model and Model Alliance advisory board member
"Models, especially the younger ones, are particularly vulnerable to sexual predators and abuse of power within the fashion industry. Models, like actresses, are often shamed into silence or expected not to complain when conditions at work make them uncomfortable".
Karen Elson, Supermodel

DIVO's declaration is to promote the principles of equal opportunity, ethics, justice, respect for privacy, honor and dignity of an individual, and to implement these values to the DIVO Platform.



The birth of the idea of ​​Global Platform


Creating the concept of a mobile app.

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Development of mobile app prototype v.1.0

Testing the basic functions of the mobile app. with offline and online focus groups

Updating model database

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Testing loyalty system


Elaboration of a concept on the principles of an open hyper convergent multi-functional platform with marketplace features based on the synergy of the social network and fashion industry professionals

Development of a business model based on blockchain technology utilizing smart contracts

Creation of the concept of modules extending the functionality of the platform: DIVO App, DIVO Web, and DIVO Network

Value opinion by Baker Tilly

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Formation of technical requirements for the DIVO Platform

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Development of functional design of the mob. app.

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Development of Platform brand book

UX / UI design of the mob. app.

DIVO TokenSale web app. design

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Development of DIVO App screens storyboard map

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iOS / Android mobile applications, Ethereum blockchain, JavaScript application programming language, Web React administration panel, Node.JS Express + Nginx application server, Mongo DB database

Integration of Face Recognition technology into DIVO App

Development of the architecture for the authentication algorithms and verification of DIVO users

Testing of authentication, access recovery, and access control

Integration of data mining technologies for search engine optimization

Adaptation of Face Recognition technology to the goals and needs of the DIVO Platform

Integration with Google geolocation systems and Apple Maps navigation services

Creation of proprietary messenger DIVO Chat

Development of software and hard-ware for personal investor accounts – DIVO TokenSale

Testing of the administrative panel of the DIVO TokenSale web application

Testing the security system of personal investor accounts through the two-factor Google Authenticator service

Crowdfunding Web App. AUSC.IO

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Functional and regression testing of iOS / Android mobile applications

Development of DIVO brand promotion strategy


DIVO WEB service extension of functionality


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Testing of connection between Web and Mob App(-s), extention of functionality

Marketing among fashion community. Testing, analysis of KPI of DIVO Network (offline / online)

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Integration with Visa and Mastercard payment systems, cash-back services and co-branding programs

Opening offices in the DIVO countries of operation (USA, Italy, UK, France, China)

Development of a global partnership network

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Building a database of models

Implementing and updating of loyalty programs

Testing and integration of modules: DIVO Crowdfunding (Crowdcash), DIVO Safety Management, DIVO Finance Management

Adaptation of new technological standards for doing business and automating business processes for the fashion industry

Developing an open API to provide access to integration with external services

Development of concept of the DIVO Network

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Testing of Face Recognition technology. Step 2

Testing of smart contract

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The launch of a line of services to promote new faces and talents.

Collection and analysis of BIG DATA in order to expand the useful functionality of the DIVO Platform

Mobile Application in Google Play

Mobile Application in App Store

Audit and report on the development of the Platform and financial condition of the project from Big 4 Audit


Expansion in 10 countries

Launch of the main services of the multipurpose omnichannel DIVO Platform

Implementation of the Open Source SaAS platform and SDK (software development kit) of the universal system of interaction between members of the DIVO Platform